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Dharma Talks given at Satipanna Insight Meditation (SIMT)
2019-08-10 I Will Not Be Angry – How Ajahn Gunhah Won the Hearts of Outlaws 12:33
  Ayya Medhanandi
Laying down weaponry, giving up hostility, we can abandon negativity and establish sanctuary within us. We hear the inspirational tale of how Ajahn Gunhah transformed his kidnappers in northern Thailand. Through his embodiment of mettā they became his disciples, just as the Buddha had done with his adversaries 2600 years ago. Such is the power of pure mettā - good will or loving kindness. It is our true protection from harm. We too can rescue ourselves by developing it with great inner vigilance, wisdom, compassion and courage.
For Our Long Lasting Benefit

2018-08-15 What Obstructs the Dhamma Eye 25:09
  Ayya Medhanandi
We all experience some pain, mental, physical or both.  And we work with pain both in the body and in the mind until it is exhausted.  This is how we care for the mind, healing its sickness and removing the sand that obstructs the spring of truth in our hearts. Then we can see clearly. We see what obstructs the Dhamma eye and we open our eyes to the truth of the Dhamma.  A talk given given during Satipanna Insight Meditation Toronto (SIMT) Retreat, Chapin Mill, Batavia, N.Y in 2018.

2017-08-17 Polish the Moon & Sweep the Clouds 39:05
  Ayya Medhanandi
What stops us from realizing Truth? We face the human condition besieged with obstacles in the mind that can be overcome with a total commitment to giving up our many forms of addiction. We learn to stay present and to develop the enlightenment factors which defy all the hindrances until we see the jewels in the mind that are brighter than the sun. These are the gifts of the Path. A talk given during a 7 day Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat at Chapin Mill Retreat Centre, Batavia, Rochester, NY.

2017-08-15 Body-Wise Guided Meditation 10:46
  Ayya Medhanandi
As we establish awareness on the breath, notice where the mind is, polishing it until it shines like a bright moon. Use the sublime abidings to spread calming energy throughout the breath and the body. The hindrances fall away. Relieved of our attachments, we become like a lotus, a violin, able to hear our true voice in the silence. We tune the instrument of the mind to full understanding. A guided meditation given during a 7 day Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat at Chapin Mill Retreat Centre, Batavia, Rochester, NY.

2016-08-18 Holding the Lotus to the Rock 42:43
  Ayya Medhanandi
Sariputta said (SN 21.1): “There is nothing in the world with whose change there would arise in me sorrow, lamentation, pain, distress, and despair.” It is hard to remember the Buddha’s teachings when the mind is beset with fear and anxiety. But we can escape from these bonds by disempowering the hindrances, calming the mind and seeing with greater wisdom. For this process to bear fruit, we have to fully trust the path alone and not put our trust in the world. A talk given at a 7 day SIMT retreat in the Chapin Mill Zen Retreat Centre, Batavia, Rochester, NY.

2016-08-17 Love Wisdom More Than Life 8:20
  Ayya Medhanandi
Wisdom is foremost for liberation and it comes with a cluster of vital supports; among them - associating with good people, developing good mind states with a sense of urgency, and practising contentment and gratitude to overcome the complaining mind. This includes respect and gratitude for our parents. When gratitude is not forthcoming, we discover compassion as a healing agent to help deepen our understanding of their suffering – and our own.  A talk given during a 7 day Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat at Chapin Mill Retreat Centre, Rochester, NY.

2016-08-17 Fall Apart, Fall Apart, Rise Anew 24:57
  Ayya Medhanandi
Intuitive wisdom develops gradually as we learn more and more to drop the story and view the flood of impermanence in the silence of the mind. Eventually we will be able to answer the question: what remains after the work of purification? A talk given during a Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat in 2016.

2016-08-16 Who’s Sitting Under the Bodhi Tree 33:52
  Ayya Medhanandi
The mind is so easily duped by its own delusion. By holding perceptions, views and opinions - our own, as well as others - as "uncertain", and being circumspect, we can bear witness to experience as the Knowing Mind, unburdened by its conditioning. When the five faculties are strengthened through practice, this knowing mind can arise in its utmost purity. We can overcome delusion by stripping our experience of any packaging; only when we know things authentically for what they truly are, can we let them go. We practice fearlessness, harmlessness, selflessness, until there is nothing to fear, except delusion itself. If we are awake to that Truth, then we can be sitting under the Bodhi Tree in the truest way.  A talk given during a 7 day Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat at Chapin Mill Retreat Centre, Batavia, Rochester, NY.

2016-08-15 Reading: Ajahn Chah – In the Dead of Night 15:27
  Ayya Medhanandi
Ajahn Chah describes his process of overcoming fear while staying in a charnel ground in Thailand and urges us to try it out!  What he means is not in the charnel ground, but right here wherever we are and with the ghosts of our own minds. A reading given during a Satipaññā Insight Meditation Toronto retreat in 2016.

2014-08-14 Train for Nibbana 37:00
  Ayya Medhanandi
A commentary on the benefits of communal life - both monastic and lay - in keeping on the path to Nibbana. There is nothing else to do but practice with consideration and respect for ourselves and each other. Every moment in every life situation, we train the mind. We never give up inclining the mind towards the riches of the Path..

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